Our Methodology

Each search is unique. Each Client and position have their own characteristics. Therefore, our working method is flexible but systematic and extremely accurate.

After getting in touch with our Client, we produce a collaboration proposal which include the Compay and position background, job description, professional and personal profile and remuneration package, as well as our commitment dates, fees and overall terms of the agreement.

The process goes as follows:

. Customer's involvement: we encourage and assure the knowing and understanding of the job's peculiarities and also your Customer Organization and culture. We take part in defining the objectives of the search, as well as the Candidate's ideal profile.

. Work out of a specific plan to the mission: we state a strategy for every search based on our market knowledge.

. Development of a meticulous searching: we initiate a deep research using different sources: our database, qualified contacts, industry research....we prepare a list with target companies and sytematically identify potential candidates according to the previously defined profile.

. Interviews / Reports: we make as many as necessary interviews to the most appropiate candidates evaluating their professional background, motivations and personality, in order to ensure a proper connection with our Client's culture. Then, we issue a detailed report with our recommendation.

. References: one the Candidate is pre-selected, we ask for and contrast refereces of his/her performance in previous jobs.

. Negotiation: we assist our Clients in the negotiation process with he Candidate, at their convenience.

. Follow-up: we keep periodically in touch with both the Client and the selected Candidate to support their future relationship.

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