Our Reasons Why

Essential Services distinctive aspect lies in its team, with more than 20 years experience in H.R. Marketing and Sales' management positions, later enriched by more than 15 years as successful Executive Search Consultants.

Our direct searching process presents many advantages from other methods:

. We find the best candidates of the market: it is important to emphasize that many of the potential candidates, due to their positions in their companies, neither take an active changing attitude nor answering to jobs advertising. Therefore, the only and most effective way to get them in touch and to motivate them to consider other career plans, is through a discreet approach by an executive search expert.

. We know the market and the positions to fill:  We offer a specialized advising, because we are familiar with a wide variety of jobs and companies.
We are more sensitive to grasp the shades of the search, due to the managing experience of our consultants, who have held or led most of the positions we look for.

. We save time. we only get in touch with suitable candidates who are also able to fit into the customer culture.
A short list of the most competent and motivated-to-change ones is presented.

. Our activity is confidential: we are used to cope with complex and delicate situations, in which an absolute discretion is essential. Our customer identity is only revealed with their consent. On the other hand, we only disclose information of a candidate with his or her agreement.

. We are expert professionals: to us, the customer is as important as the candidate. On the one hand, we represent our customer and, on the other hand, thanks to our managerial experience, we can assist the candidates taking into consideration their potential development and career plans.

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